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Would like to have lunch and recess with your SWEETIE?

Would you care to have LUNCH and RECESS with your Child(ren)?


PLEASE NOTE: All Visitors this day must be SECURED at PES and have submitted all clearances by Feb. 1

On Monday, February 6 – Friday, February 10, the Peebles Caring Team will be offering parents or other special adults a unique opportunity to have lunch/recess with their child!  With a donation of $5 per adult to the Peebles Caring Team, parents or other special adults may join their child for lunch in the cafeteria and recess out on the playground/classroom. All adults attending MUST pack a lunch from home. To support our Wellness Policy and to be caring to those students who have allergies, NO FAST FOOD LUNCHES will be allowed.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.  Grade levels will have a designated day and time as follows:

Monday, February 6:  1st grade (11:30 Lunch/12:00 Recess)

Tuesday, February 7:  2nd grade (11:30 Lunch/12:00 Recess)

Wednesday, February 8 : 3rd grade (11:30 Lunch/12:00 Recess)

Thursday, February 9: 4th grade (12:30 Lunch/1:00 Recess)

Friday, February 10: 5th grade (12:30 Lunch/1:00 Recess)


Please complete THIS FORM and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher by Wednesday, February 1st if you are interested in joining your child for lunch/recess.  This special lunch is for ADULTS ONLY for we will have no daycare coverage for younger siblings.  Due to space restrictions and security check in, RSVP is required.  Please include cash or checks made out to Peebles Elementary School

Please note:  You must complete one form for each child per lunch period/recess along with a $5.00 donation per child.