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PSAT10 to be Offered at NAI

ATTENTION PARENTS OF SOPHOMORES: The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test 10 (PSAT10) will be offered on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 during the school day for interested 10th grade students. The test is co-sponsored by the College Board and is developed and administered for them by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). All assessments include a Reading, Writing and Language, Math tests. Questions throughout the assessments will focus on the few things that research shows matter most for college readiness and success.


Registration forms for the PSAT 10 are available in the Counseling Office at NAI or at this link PSAT10 Registration Form and must be returned by Monday, January 16th,2017. No late registrations can be accepted due to restrictions from PSAT 10. If you have questions about this test, please contact the NAI Counseling Office at 412-369-5464.